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We are attempting to help Bernice obtain the reading machine, smart phone, and other help she needs to cope with her blindness, so she can resume her life of service and continue to share her deep knowledge of alternative healing and nutrition. Please join us.

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Please scroll down for a list of original articles from classic issues of "To Your Health" magazine, plus Bernice's own books, and the one book Bernice refers to most.


To Your Health Magazine

Scroll down for a list of original articles from classic issues of "To Your Health" magazine, plus other special features, offers, and opportunities! Please check back here often, because friends of Bernice are frequently updating this site.

From Bernice:

"I first published To Your Health magazine some 30-odd years ago. At that time I had cancer, and there wasn't as much research on the disease as there is now. So for 11 months I was led down the path to surgery and chemotherapy.

During that time, I investigated every possible cure for the disease and I discovered a nutritionist who guided me through those 11 months in the most comfortable manner you can imagine. I never even had to get a wig!

At the end of my treatment, my body was well, but my spirit was in need of healing. This inspired me to travel to Italy, where I had an amazing rejuvenation experience. When I returned to the states, I felt much better physically and emotionally. I traveled everywhere I could to take as many courses as possible on the topic of natural health.

I also wanted to express to my family and friends some of the changes I'd made in my health regimen. But, alas, no one would listen to me.

That didn't sit well with me. I have a natural urge to see people healthier (this is a need I still have to this day). I wanted to get my message out, so I began to publish To Your Health magazine.

My competitors underestimated me. They assumed I wasn't going to be around for very long, perhaps because I was considerably older than they. But their attitude didn't stop me.

I continued to publish To Your Health magazine for 20 years: 20 years I spent with great pleasure and with genuine interest helping people, seeing the health of so many people improve.

To Your Health magazine and I were at the forefront of a new movement, a movement in which natural health started to gain major traction with vast numbers of people.

When I could no longer publish To Your Health magazine (due to financial issues), I wrote and self-published two cookbooks: The Smorgasbord of My Life (2005), and Let's Cook Together: Adult and Child (2007). I also wrote poems and found other ways to try and fill the void that was left behind after the termination of my magazine. Still I felt incomplete and unsatisfied.

That is why I taught courses at many colleges, and elsewhere: to help fill that void.

Currently, I am 89 years old with a very vibrant spirit and good health. I still continue to teach, now to people with Alzheimer's. As a Reiki practitioner, I volunteer and teach. I do foot reflexology and offer nutritional guidance.

To keep up my health, I use a pendulum, take supplements, and more.

But not everything is 100% perfect.

About three years ago, I started to develop vision problems, which started to limit me terribly. I could no longer read, write, or dial the telephone. This macular degeneration has limited many other aspects of daily life, too.

I was told there is technology available to permit me to start reading, writing, and studying again. But it is well beyond my means.

I need help. I want to resume my life of service, fulfilling my natural inclination to help others. I want to dance my way to the end."


Please scroll down for a list of original articles from classic issues of "To Your Health" magazine.

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      "The Radioactive Coverup"

Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

      "Know the Difference Between Rubbing, Touching or Yanking Someone's Fur"

Mary Ann Dittmeier, BFRP

      "Flower Remedies: A Natural Choice for Healingup"

Marjorie Ordene, M.D.

      "Examining Some 'Inevitable' Effects of Aging"

Rayni Joan

      "Crowning at Menarche"

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Bernice's Remedies



Bernice's healing bible has long been The Biochemic Handbook: A Guide to Using Dr. Schuessler's Biochemic Tissues Salts (available on Amazon here). Dr. Schuessler, a homeopathic physician,  carried out his pioneering research between 1872 and 1898. He identified 12 basic tissue salts, which he numbered 1 through 12 for ease of use. Bernice has worked with these tissue salts to successfully heal a great many ailments over the years. Now you can, too. For example:

  • Got a cold or just starting one? Take #4 immediately.
  • Indigestion? #5 and #11 in combination will heal your tummy pronto.

These remarkable tissue salts are safe, inexpensive, and available in health food stores everywhere. Get the book so you can understand how and why they work.





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